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A brief summary of how we create your heirloom photographic artworks


5-10 minutes

After you submit your contact request, I will personally reach out for a short conversation so we can get to know each other and begin to figure out how we can create your vibrant and dramatic photographs.


30-60 minutes

If it seems like we are good fit to work together, we can continue our conversation directly into a consultation, or schedule a time for a video-call or to meet in-person. The goal of this consultation is to utilize my professional experience along with your dreams to ensure that we get the most value out of our time working together. We will discuss and plan: dates and times, locations, clothing, hair and makeup, and anything else we might want or need to include.  At the consultation I collect your session fee or deposit. Everything we discuss is e-mailed to you the next day.


1-2 Hours / 6+ Hours

Depending on the complexity of the photography session, I may bring an assistant, additional lighting, or even a second shooter. During your session I focus entirely on creating the photographs we dreamed of at your consultation. Through the session I will help you with posing, encourage genuine expressions through honest and fun conversation, and keep an eye on small details so that you don't have to worry. Friends and family, including four legged friends, are encouraged to come and help and share your photographic experience. As a professional photographer and artist, I pride myself on my ability to create an amazing, fun, and relaxed session that produces vibrant, dramatic, and genuine photographs.


1-2 Hours

After your session, we'll meet for an in-person viewing session. To show you exactly how your Heirloom Photographic Artworks will be displayed, these sessions are best held at your home. During the viewing session we'll look through all of your photographs, compare them side by side, and pick your favorites. We'll compare different samples I bring with me and talk in detail about the sizes and finishes of your printed portraits before making selections. Additionally, we'll view each image you select and take notes about the professional retouching that will done to your printed artworks.  At the viewing session I collect your payment or deposit for your printed Artworks.


4-6 Weeks

Between four and six weeks after your session you can expect your Heirloom Photographic Artworks to arrive from the artisans in Italy. I will personally deliver your portraits to your door to ensuring that they are ready to display. For those who aren't local, the artworks are shipped directly to your door with the highest quality packing and standards. Balances must be paid in full before delivery.



Once your portraits are delivered, the final, and best stage of your photographic experience begins. You and your loved ones get enjoy your Heirloom Photographic Artworks for years to come, reliving the memories until its time to create more.

Investment information available upon request.

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